On January 12, 2018 Dr. Michael Reed performed a two level (C 5-6, C 6-7) ACDF on me. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome with the surgery. I had immediate pain relief and full strength. I returned back to my left arm; this allowed me to go back to weight training and normal physical activity on March 15, 2018. I’m extremely grateful for the talent Dr. Reed has as a spine surgeon and the ability to give people back the quality of life they are accustomed to. I would highly recommend Dr. Reed to anyone seeking advice on surgery, pain, or discomfort associated with their orthopedic needs.

Donnie Brothers-Panama City, FL - 08/06/2019

I had a really great experience at Dr Reed’s office. Amanda at the front desk is a keeper for sure. She is very efficient and helpful, not only to me but as I waited the few minutes to go in the back, I heard her scheduling other appointments and she did so with care and concern for each one. Also, I actually got to see Dr Reed. I have nothing against ARNP/PA's but on your first visit you should really see the doctor to establish yourself with them. ARNP/PA's are a great asset to a practice also.

Ann Johnson in Wewahitchka, FL - 03/08/2019

Dr. Reed performed neck surgery for me in May and I feel like a new woman! I could not have asked for better care and they do genuinely care about their patients. Aaron is top notch as far as I’m concerned. Thanks guys! You Rock!!!

Jamie Ross in Panama City, FL - 10/10/2018

Dr Reed is the only surgeon I trust. He kept my mother, and now me, moving. We met him years ago when my mom's doctor at Shan's told us about him, when he first moved to Panama City. I personally feel he has saved my neck and my life more than once.

Teri Skipper in Panama City, FL - 07/27/2019

Dr Reed has operated on my cervical spine 2 times and corrected 3 botched surgeries on my lumbar spine by another surgeon in Tampa. I highly recommend him to alleviate your back pain. He is very personable and actually gives you his cellphone number in case you have any questions about your problem. He is hands on at your side every step of the way from preoperative to postoperative and beyond. How many doctors do you know who shoves you off to his S.A.? Not Mike. He will see you every visit including taking out your staples or sutures. My life wouldn't be worth living without his skilled hands. A true blessing to me.

Carol Pane in Panama City, FL - 04/03/2019

Love Dr. Reed. He has been excellent to work with, taking care of patients, including me, immediately after Hurricane Michael. Worked tirelessly to get other operative venues so he could care for his patients even though both hospital ORs were lost in the hurricane. Cannot say enough good things about him, Aaron or his entire staff. Great selfless individuals. I have complete confidence in him. We just need to clone him!

Lonnie Stanley in Panama City, FL - 12/13/2018